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Beach House Rental Orange County – Anaheim Vacation Rental

Do you want to stay at an award-winning beach house located in Orange County?  Our beach house is one of the most beautiful properties coupled with the most luxurious design available when it comes to Anaheim vacation rentals.  We spare no expense when it came to the design of our unique beach house.  Our beach house is located within a short driving distance of all of the beaches in Orange County and is centrally located near the Newport Beach Pier. We invite you to make use of our beautiful property for upwards of 20 guests. Your endless summer can begin with a stay at our beach house.  What separates our property from others is its unique design.  When we set out to design the most beautiful beach house in Orange County we thought that fully automation would play a key part in all of that. 



We’ve designed an ipad that you can control every function of the house with including the temperature of the shower the temperature of the floors in the bathroom as well as the temperature in the pool and spa.  On top of that, we’ve installed speakers and every part of the house. You can listen to your favorite Spotify playlist by logging into your account from our ipad. The sound will follow you around the house as your grove out and prepare a memorable meal in our wonderfully designed and remodeled kitchen. We have designed the kitchen so that you can easily feed up to 20 of your family and friends.  Our kitchen comes stocked with everything that you would need including pots and pans and dishes as well as kitchenware. 


The only thing you need to do is come up with a great menu idea and it’ll be easy to execute in our one-of-a-kind beach house rental Orange County.  This spring in the summer is so of our busiest times if you’re wondering if your date is currently booked please give us a call and will go over what is available to you and get you booked very quickly.  You’ll save money by booking with us over the telephone as opposed to looking for our home on apps.  We’re the only five-star luxury vacation rental around and we hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks for taking time out of your day to learn more about our beach house located in Orange County.






Beach House Rental Orange County

Planning a vacation to some of the hottest beaches in Orange County? Our Beach House Rental Orange County property can be the perfect location to live out your endless summer. Many of our customers come to us because of how close we are to some of the best surf spots in South Orange County. We have gone out of the way to make sure that our Beach House Rental Orange County is the premier rental. We have had the luxury of having our Beach House Rental Orange County be featured in Television as well as films and many home remodeling magazines.



Our staff and owners truly went out of their way to set up this perfect dream getaway for you. We hope that you will enjoy staying at our beach house as much as we did setting it up for you. We have spared no expense and have poured blood sweat and tears into providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you are not the biggest surfing fan our properties are also a short drive from some of the finest shops that the cost has to offer. Newport Beach as well as Laguna Beach are some of the best spots to go shopping in.


They have interesting storesBeach House Rental Orange County that sell one-of-a-kind clothes and art that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. You will feel your spirit renewed and the return of amazement into your life by simply strolling up and down the streets of Laguna Beach. There is nothing quite like the restaurants in Orange County. You could walk into any random restaurant and find yourself treated to the meal of your life. Orange County has some of the best hikes around there are many hiking locations that are in full view of the ocean. If you have any questions about what to do or where to do it simply call your host.


We will always do whatever we can to make sure that your trip with us is a great one. If you need anything placed into the rental before you get there we would love to help. If you are planning on hosting a small party or get-together at our Beach House Rental Orange County property we can help you plan accordingly. Once you get tired of going to the beach every day perhaps you should consider a whale watching trip. Our Beach House Rental Orange County is a short drive from many of the most sought-after whale watching boats in Orange County.


These are a great way to pass time and get in touch with nature. These whale watching trips are great and you will see way more than just whales you usually see dolphins as well as seals and other aquatic life. Thank you for your interest in our Beach House Rental Orange County property. We know you will have an amazing stay with us. If you call in today and book over the phone we will waive all of your booking fees. We hope to hear from you soon and remember we sometimes book up for certain days years in advance. Get started by calling us direct today.

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