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Vacation Rental Orange County – Anaheim Vacation Rental

We know there are many different Vacation Rental Orange County options available to you but we can guarantee to you that there is none quite like ours. Our one of a kind Vacation Rental Orange County is the premier location for anyone looking to have an amazing trip in Orange County. Our Vacation Rental Orange County is located just steps from the Disneyland and California Adventure Theme parks. You will love spending all of your time in our remodeled home. Our pools and Jacuzzi are simply to die for. Our Vacation Rental Orange County properties are located within a short drive of the wonderful beaches that Orange County has to offer.

Many of the times we host surfers for weeks on end. What large surf parties and surf vacationers love about our property is that it can fit the needs of large groups. Our Vacation Rental Orange County properties are just a stones throw away from the best surf in Orange County. Many folks love and admire the creative design that goes into all of our Vacation Rental Orange County Properties.  All of our homes are professionally designed and professionally decorated by one of LA's top Architectural Designers.


We spare no expense so you can enjoy quiet and private time with all of our features and unique amenities. Many of our recent customers are amazed that the price that they got to the quality of the luxury rental.  Please keep in mind that we have limited properties and are usually booked weeks in advance.  We have customer service representatives standing by now who want to hear from you can start planning your next trip with us. You can save tons on your next Vacation Rental Orange County
















Vacation Rental Orange County

Here at Anaheim Vacation Rentals, we have taken every step and measure to offer the best rental experience we can. We have made every improvement you can make to the home and outfitted our vacation rentals with fully automated tools. Our automation tools can be run from an iPad that we conveniently placed into the wall. Our automation tools give you the ability to control everything from the lights to playing music throughout the property as well as regulating temperature for the showers and bathroom floors and even for the pool and jacuzzi outside. We will do whatever we have to make your stay with us the best possible one. We have had the luxury of winning many awards for Vacation Rental Orange County property. After just one stay with us, you will see how we are better than any other hotel or BNB in all of Orange County.


Aside from offering an award-winning Vacation Rental Orange County property our homes have been featured in film, TV as well as magazines for being best in class. Be sure to let us know if you need anything special placed into the Vacation Rental Orange County property before your arrival. We know that you might be traveling long distances and will do whatever we can to help. Many of those who stay with us have their golf clubs shipped to the property and we can definitely help you with that. Our Vacation Rental Orange County property comes equipped with laundry services so you can wash and dry your clothes on demand.


What makes our Vacation Rental Orange County property so unique is how close we are to the Disneyland theme park. You can walk out the front door of our rentals and be inside the Disneyland theme park in as little as 10 minutes. This is also great if you visit Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney has some of the best bars and restaurants near our vacation rentals. If you find yourself in a situation where you have drank to much and can't drive you could very easily walk right back to the rental and be there in under 10 minutes.


Our Vacation Rental Orange County property are also located right near the fabulous Orange County coastlines. If you are a fan of surfing or bodyboarding places like Trestles or the Wedge might be of interest to you. Trestles Beach is the northernmost part of San Onofre State Beach and of San Diego County, but access is from San Clemente in Orange County.


Surfers know this area near San Mateo Point as Uppers, Lowers, and Middles for the different surf spots. Trestles is a world-famous surf spot and you never know who you will run into at this pristine beach. Because of the potential for 30-feet waves, you may see more bodyboarding or bodysurfing in action here than surfing. In fact, because The Wedge surfing has the potential for such large waves, you may find some of the most skilled bodysurfers in all of Newport Beach at the Wedge.


The Wedge and Trestles are 2 must-see locations for anyone who has a love of surf or bodyboarding. After a long day at the beach, you may want to return to the vacation rental and relax in style. The Orange County coastline can do a number on your body and sitting in the jacuzzi after being in the ocean all day can be a godsend. If you want to get in touch with nature while visiting our Vacation Rental Orange County property there are many hiking locations spread out across the coastline. Crystal Cove is one of the more famous hiking locations around.


If you want to get out on the open sea perhaps you should check into whale-watching trips. For a very small fee these tourist boats will take you to see live whales, seals and dolphins. If you have children coming with you they will love seeing the whales and dolphins and will remember it for the rest of their lives. We can't wait to hear from you. Give us a call today and book over the phone to save hundreds on your booking fees. 


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