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Vacation Rental near Disneyland – Anaheim Vacation Rental

Do you want to stay at one of our legendary Vacation Rental near Disneyland? We promise you will not find another property quite like ours. We have spared to expense when it comes to our unique Vacation Rental near Disneyland. All of our homes are professionally designed and professionally decorated by one of LA's top Architectural Designers. The design of your home for the next few days will stun and amaze you. Our Vacation Rental near Disneyland is fully automated which means you can control the temperature of the floors in the bathroom as well as the temperature of the showers as well.


We have installed an ipad that serves as the controller for all of the amenities including the jacuzzi and the pool. On top of featuring heated pools and jacuzzi’s Our backyards feature mini water parks, outdoor lounges with fire-pits and beautiful waterfalls. Our “Smart Homes” will help you and your family create memories that will last a lifetime and our game rooms and mini water parks will entertain you and your children for hours and hours. What separates out home from other Vacation Rental near Disneyland is that you can walk out the front door of our Vacation Rental near Disneyland and be inside Disneyland in just 5 minutes.


If you get tired from walking around the park all day you can come home for a quick meal and a change of clothes then be allowed re-entry into the park. Many of those who stay at our Vacation Rental near Disneyland enjoy watching the nighttime fireworks from the warmth of our firepits and pool at night. These will surely be memories that last a lifetime.














Vacation Rental near Disneyland

We are proud to offer simply the best Vacation Rental near Disneyland. Here at  Anaheim Vacation Rentals we've gone out of our way to provide our guests with an amazing and one-of-a-kind Vacation Rental near Disneyland experience.  We've had the luxury of winning awards for delivering an amazing experience with our Vacation Rental near Disneyland properties.What makes our Vacation Rental near Disneyland unique is that you can walk up the front door of our rental and literally be inside the Disneyland theme park or downtown Disney in under 10 minutes. 


What is great about Disneyland is that they do offer in and out service which means that once you've purchased a ticket and entered the park you are free to leave and then come back if it's the same day.  If the weather changes or perhaps you didn't dress the way that you should or even get wet on some of the rides you can leave and come back to the vacation rental change your clothing and get situated and then return to the theme park. Since the park is less than 1 mile from where many of our vacation rentals are located this makes perfect sense. You can also save money by forgoing the lockers that people usually store things in at the park. 


Aside from being the closest Vacation Rental near Disneyland that you can find we are also centrally located near many other attractions as well. If you are a huge fan of theme parks there are more than a few located in Orange County that are definitely worth your time and effort. The Universal Studios theme park is a great one if you are a fan of movies and cinema. The park is full of amazing rides as well as you can visit the city walk as well. Universal Studios City Walk is a great place if you are interested in fine dining and bars. They have a ton of Karaoke bars which are a great place to spend some adult time after a long day at the park. 

If you are still thirsting for theme parks after that Knotts Berry Farm might be a good choice for you to visit next. Knotts Berry Farm started off as a small berry farm in the 1940's and is now the 12th most visited theme park in the world. Knotts Berry Farm is known for its amazing roller coasters and quality food. You and your kids will have an amazing time tackling all of the rides which feature some of the fastest roller coasters in the west. If you are into all things horror movie related. We suggest you a book a trip with us in the fall to take advantage of the Knotts Scary Farm Halloween haunt event. 

After you have seen all that the theme parks have to offer you should consider taking a trip to some of Orange Counties' fine beaches. If you are into surfing and want the perfect swell you should check out The Wedge in Newport Beach or Trestles in San Clemente. The Wedge is a legendary spot for anyone looking to get their endless summer started. We look forward to helping you plan your next Vacation Rental near Disneyland stay with us. Give us a call today and we can get started planning your next stay with us. If you call in and book over the phone we will waive all of your booking fees. Thanks again for considering us as your Vacation Rental near Disneyland provider. 


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