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House Rules and Check-Out Guidelines



Check-In: 4 PM                     Check-Out: 10 AM


Welcome to our Home. We hope you have the best experience in our home and hope we exceed your expectations. Please feel free to let us know if you need anything during your stay or if you have any questions. Please keep in mind the following house rules. We take pride in our home and want to keep the home in pristine condition for you and all our future guests. We are regulated by the City of Anaheim and to avoid any penalties on your party, please adhere to these rules.




  1. Pool/Jacuzzi/Fire Pit/BBQ are CLOSED after 10 PM and there is no outside activity allowed. Pool hours are from 9 AM - 10 PM Daily. The outside lights and pool/Jacuzzi will automatically shut off at 10 PM and can not be manually turned on; so please plan your time accordingly.

  2. This is a NON-SMOKING house. There is absolutely NO SMOKING, VAMPING, or MARIJUANA inside the house. If you smoke in the house, you will be charged a $750 cleaning fee.

  3. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR UNPLUG/RELOCATE ANY OF THE TV WIRES OR CABLES BEHIND THE TVs. The TVs are for you to enjoy, but do not alter or unplug in any way. There is a $300 PER HOUR CHARGE for our IT technician to come out and reprogram our systems.  

  4. There are NO Parties/Events allowed at the house and no more than 15 guests allowed at the house at any time. 

  5. There is a maximum of three vehicles allowed at the property. There are no oversized cars, buses, or caravans allowed at the property. Only mini/standard/full-sized/SUV cars allowed. Please keep all your cars parked in the driveway ONLY and not blocking the sidewalk, and of course not on the grass.

  6. Please dry yourselves off before you re-enter the home after enjoying the pool or Jacuzzi. Please do not sit on the couches or enter the bedrooms if you are still damp or wet from the Jacuzzi. Please no glass(es) in the backyard!

  7. Please be sure to wash all dishes/pots/pans/utensils that were used during your stay. Please be sure to put all kitchen items back where they belong. If you use the grill, please clean it after each use.

  8. There are seven (7) Home Automation Remote (URC) controls that are provided for your use. Please be sure the remote controls remain in the home at all times. Upon check-out, please be sure to have all four (7) remotes on the counter. There will be a $600.00 charge for each remote that is missing.

  9. Please DO NOT eat or have any drinks in the bedrooms at any time. Any stains on the couches, rugs, comforters, or beds will result in a cleaning/replacement fee.

  10. Please do not climb on the bar area/waterfalls in the backyard. Please do not jump off the waterfalls into the pool. This is very dangerous and could cause severe or fatal injuries.


*** If there are any House Rule violations, and/or if the authorities are called to the property at any time during your stay, you will lose your full and entire deposit along with the balance of your stay. ***


*** Disclosure - For security purposes, there is camera surveillance on the exterior of the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The footage is recorded and saved for 3 months from the date of recording. ***


*** Please provide us with a copy of your ID **


Please leave the house exactly as it was when you checked in. We truly have our hearts and souls in our homes and hope that you respect our house as you would your own. We take pride in making our home perfect for your stay. Please help us ensure that the home is perfect for the guests arriving after you!!! 


Guest’s Signature ______________________________________________________          Date _________________


If there is anything you need during your stay, please feel free to contact us. Have a wonderful vacation!

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